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Dream World Real World

January 14, 2017 @ 7:00 PM - February 5, 2017 @ 4:00 PM

Exhibition Duration:
1/14/17 – 2/5/17
Opening Reception:
1/14/17, 7-10pm
Gallery Hours:
Sat. & Sun. 12-4pm

In conjunction with the artists, Current Space is proud to put together a group exhibition, Dream World Real World, featuring 11 artists and their latest work.
In the Dream World, there are endless possibilities, ideas, scenarios, causes, and outcomes. In the Real World, there are also endless possibilities, ideas, scenarios, causes and outcomes. When I was a boy, I loved to read manga. One of the many stories that stuck with me is the Long Dream by Junji Ito. From what I remember, the story is told through the journal of a psychiatrist who monitors patients with dream disorders. The main character (a monitored patient) progressively develops longer dreams each night. From dreams that seemed to last hours, to days, to months, to years, to a life time, and eventually forever. The physical body of the patient aged and his manner altered as if from another century in accord with the progression of his dream. Eventually the patient’s body crystallized as his dream lasted forever. The psychiatrist chipped off a fragment of this crystal and fed it to another patient who is frightened of the inevitability of death. This enabled the patient to live forever in her own dream. I am captivated by the actual physical change of the patient as he is affected by his dream. I know for sure that what happens in our Dream World will affect our ideas, possibilities, scenarios, causes and outcomes in the Real World.
As a group exhibition, Dream World Real World investigates visual possibilities that evoke personal mythology.

Featuring artists:

James Bouche

(b. 1990) is an artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. He received a BFA in printmaking from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012. He currently teaches printmaking at the Baltimore School for the Arts.
Bouché’s work explores the overlap between a post minimalist aesthetic and contemporary subcultures. He draws inspiration from fictional realities and presents his work as if they are props, turning the gallery into a minimal stage. Current motifs include MtG, LOTR, and BDSM.

James Bernard Cole

born: 1984
is an
A – Artist (find him on Instagram)
S – @Strambles (He is a)
T – Taurus/Aries cusp (currently studying in the)
R – Rinehart School of Sculpture (He considers himself an)
O – Observer (of)
N – New Spaces (and the potential for)
A – Areas (and their)
U – Utility (to be)
T – Transformed

Danielle Criqui

Danielle Criqui is a Baltimore based artist working in the mediums of photography, video, and sculpture. She received her BFA from MICA in 2010, and has exhibited locally at Open Space, Penthouse Gallery and Current Space. Outside of her own artistic practice, she is a co-founder of ACRES, a bi-costal curatorial project and publisher. ACRES, a recipient of The Contemporary’s 2016 Grit Fund program, is slated to debut it’s 4th issue and corresponding video series in Winter of 2017.

Her work is often a meditation on the curious moments that reveal themselves when looking closer at day to day reality. When seen through a certain lens, even the most mundane instances can begin to warp into something funny, tragic, beautiful, or surreal… which is to say stopping to smell the roses, can be a lifestyle choice if you let it. Approaching her work with this specific observational mentality she aims to speak to the larger universal experience- to the wordless, feelings that create for better or worse, a connection between us.

Rodolphe Delaunay

Rodolphe is a sculptor born in 1984 who works and teaches in Paris, France. He graduated from Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris in 2008 and held a Master’s Degree in Experimentation in Art and Politics from Sciences Po Paris. Rodolphe enjoys oysters and crabcake from Faidley’s in Lexington Market, Moules Marinières from Normandy, sipping champagne and drinking Natiboh with his friends.
Rodolphe’s work is inspired by the roots of modern science – what was called Natural Philosophy. He is intrigued the way science struggled to invent its own method by trying to rationalize its wanders and rovings.
Rodolphe’s grip to science is currently at ease. In his most recent work, he attempts to establish a simplified and direct relationship to forms.

Joanna Fields

Joanna Fields is an artist and clown enthusiast from Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Textiles in 2008. She currently resides in Ridgewood, Queens with her extensive junk collection and her cat, Crackers.
Fields’ work attempts to bridge the gap between horror and comfort, abstraction and familiarity, while honoring her love of kitsch. She has recently had solo exhibitions in Brooklyn and in Baltimore and has participated in group exhibitions in Oslo, Stockholm, Paris, and Kansas City.

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1983. He holds his BFA and Master of Arts in Digital Arts degrees from
the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD.) and is a Design and Architecture Senior High (Miami, FL.) alumni, class of 2001 .
His work is inspired by proto-languages, cuneiform, and a study of the archaic in the context of contemporary experience,
an interest surely seeded by his childhood in the years leading up to Cuba’s ‘special period’. While his works are often informed by
ancient symbolism and regular archaeological inquiry, he is not interested in revisiting primitivism, but rather in presenting a
contemporary language that is at once familiar, yet of indeterminable origin, devoid of provenance, owing more perhaps
to the concept of planned obsolescence pushed to an absurd conclusion, than to primitive mark-making.

Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim was born in Rochester, NY in 1985. She holds her BFA in Film/Video from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently lives and works in Los Angeles as a photographer.

“My Most Immediate Problem Is You” is a series of images shot on a camera phone during her first year living in California. Presented as a stream of consciousness, the work is an exploration of place and an attempt to find order in an unfamiliar landscape.

Andrew Liang

Andrew Liang was born in Taichung, Taiwan and moved with his family to Dallas, Texas at age 13. Andrew moved to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art where he currently works as an Exhibitions Preparator and continues his studio practice during moonlight hours. The writings and drawings of Kazuo Umezu, Junji Ito, Haruki Murakami, and Akira Toriyama have influenced him a great deal. Aside from studio pursuits, Andrew co-directs an artist run art space, Current Space, with his friend Michael Benevento.

Andrew’s work is a portrait of every-day situations. He is inspired by mundane patterns of daily chores, food, his mother, and his friends. Images are generated from his inspirations, and they form the vocabulary of his own language. Much like pictographs, visual sentences can be established by combining the various images. These can be read to understand the context of the narration itself. At the moment Andrew is into tile patterns, the legend of the Yeti, and nail art.

Daniel Santa

Daniel Santa is a sculptor living and working in the beautiful tropics of Miami, Florida. He received his BFA in painting from the Maryland institute college of Art (Baltimore,MD) and graduated from New World School of the Arts (Miami, FL). Alumni class of 2012.

Over the course of centuries sea levels have been stable by geologic standards, natural systems developed an intimate relationship with the land-sea boundary, creating the beautiful landscapes we inhabit. Within recent history, South Florida’s biosphere has been exhibiting signs of sea-level stress, challenging the survival of our ecosystem, as well as our urban infrastructure. Due to climate change South Florida is at high risk of an apocalyptic disaster that will permanently change the geography of the United States. With most of South Florida under sea level, the fear of becoming a modern day Atlantis is turning into a reality. Daniel’s work seeks to respond to Florida’s impending doom in an attempt to romanticize the ephemerality of South Florida’s landscape, as well as address the issues involved with making works to have longevity in a changing climate. Born and raised in Miami-Dade, Daniel’s work serves to further document the ongoing struggle of keeping the Magic City afloat, in an attempt to promote awareness of this issue, and suggest relocation for future generations. Eventually, with the shift in landscape, the works will act as potential relics that expose the future of a young city that lost its magic to climate change.

Hermonie “only” Williams

b. 1985 Los Angeles, CA.
Hermonie “only” Williams is a multidisciplinary artist who makes hybrid works using her photographs and sculpture to create comprehensive visualizations of abstract concepts.
Attended the Maryland Institute College of Art from 2003 – 2007.
She currently lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland.
She has exhibited in solo exhibitions at Terrault Contemporary , and Gallery Four. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at locations including The Baltimore Museum of Art, Nudashank (Baltimore), The Penthouse Gallery (Baltimore), PS122 (NY), and Art in General (NY). Her work has been written about in Bmore Art, Baltimore CityPaper, Outpost Journal, and other publications.

Amy Yee

Amy Yee grew up in Northern California, where she read books, drew pictures, and dug holes, but mostly watched television and looked at a lot of things on the internet. She received her BA from Smith College in 2011 and her MFA in 2015 from the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Rinehart School of Sculpture, where she was the recipient of the Amalie Rothschild Award as well as many very minor accidental hand injuries. Her work explores the intersection of humor, popular culture and the simulacral, as well as theories of the image and professional sports.
Amy is interested in the failure of art. As much as we might love (or rather, love to hate) it, as powerful, influential, or aesthetically pleasing it might be, artistic depictions remain the fundamentally lacking, second-generation simulacra of the “realities” they ostensibly portray. Which, of course, leaves She-the-Creator as a sort of poor man’s God/Big Bang (pick your poison) figure, impotently squishing clay into birds that somehow never, ever, manage to fly away.

Please join us for the opening reception on Jan. 14, 7-10pm
Both opening receptions are happening simultaneously. Both events are FREE to the public and all ages are welcome.

Current Space
421 N. Howard St. Balto. MD. 21201