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House Work

January 13, 2017 @ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Alison Owen’s site responsive installations highlight the otherwise overlooked elements of the gallery and domestic spaces where she exhibits.

Through a process of research that involves observing the environment over a matter of days or weeks, Owen notes the social, architectural, and natural elements that comprise the heart of a space. From this initial survey she creates compositions throughout the rooms with a variety of found materials, such as using string and tape to trace shadows across the wall, or pressing clay into the existing tiles to use as surface pattern for new forms.

According to Owen, “I intend to draw viewers into a more interactive relationship with architecture, to think about their own spaces and the history of the ones they visit. My work is built upon on conversations and collaboration with people in specific places; through it I bring together a community of people and provide a context for interaction, exploration, and delight.”

The opening features a live performance by multimedia artist, Sara Dittrich, whose works investigate communal aspects of music creation, and will turn elements of the living space into a musical instrument activated by viewers’ movement through space.