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The Contemporary Artist as Shaman: Ancient Traditions Inform Radical Change

June 22, 2017 @ 8:00 AM - July 6, 2017 @ 5:00 PM

LIGHTNING ROD OF CULTURE the shaman is… the artist is…

Barnaby Ruhe conducts shamanic actions during his exhibition at SalomonArtsGallery. 83 Leonard Street, NY NY 10013 4floor

June 22-July 6, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 22, 6-9pm

Art Panel: Saturday, June 24, 4pm
“The Contemporary Artist as Shaman: Ancient Traditions inform Radical Change”. Panelists: Dr Ruhe, Laurin Raiken speaks Ten Tribal Values, Emma Hammond decodes Women’s Blood as reciprocity with Nature, Phoebe Legere voices Abenaki, Katrin Spiess performs Land Art Rituals, Delwin Fiddler Lakota White Buffalo Calf Pipe and WaterKeeper at StandingRock sings of Turtle Island, Joyce Marin Change Agent at Local Township Level – moderated by TV Host of New Realities Alan Steinfeld.
Delwin Fiddler? Joyce Marin? Ann McCoy?

Art World Trance Visioning Circle: Thursday, June 29, 6-9pm
Dr. Ruhe conducts a fifteen minute drumming journey where all participate as visionaries for a new artworld of deep shift metaphors. We do it. June 29, the Ninth Wave hits a peak in the calculations of the Mayan Calendar. Let’s surf that wave with a journey to our Noospheric self. It is time. Can we artworld cognoscenti carry the Chanupa, hold the circle of the people, dream the right world incoming.

Across the exhibition: Portrait Painting actions shamanically working energy field to signal a personal shift. It is your healing destiny, your job.

Gigi and Rodrigo Salomon are pleased to announce the exhibition of Dr . Barnaby Ruhe displaying eccentric altars, channeled voices, and tranced paintings. The shaman type is the edgeman of culture, working the seams of meaning, finding fault lines to reconnect, and visiting the first time of creation to speak from there. 2017.

Ruhe: Interdisciplinary PhD in Shamanism and Art, arts professor at NYU, recipient of the Pollock/Krasner, cofounder of Shamandome Camp at Burningman for 13 years, Senior Editor Art/World Newspaper ‘80s and ‘90s, Artist/Lecturer at MoMA in ’90, ’91, 6 time World Boomerang Champion, Vietnam Veteran, Tango Milonguero.