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September 23, 2016 @ 6:00 PM - November 1, 2016 @ 5:00 PM

St. Charles is pleased to present WHET-STONE-HONE a two-person exhibition of works by Rubens Ghenov and Cindy Cheng ’11 curated by Dominic Terlizzi. A whetstone is a device used for sharpening the edge of a blade. Honing a blade’s edge is about precision, refining and perfecting over time. Both artists use spatial planes as territory for sharpening relational content. These works are conceived by two-dimensional logic but are anchored in painterly and sculptural practices where grids riff on minimalism, literalism, and objecthood.

For Rubens, the act of painting is a series of moves towards compositional equilibrium. Content is generated from cerebrations of fictitious poets offering a psyche based reality of unseen structures of thought. Rubens’ work carries the efficiency of poster design, the pop of album covers, and the elegance of mid century architecture. These surfaces exude a verisimilitude with his sharp edge tape process. Proportions resemble abstract Indian miniatures arrived at by wabi sabi aesthetics.

For Cindy, the arranging of objects found and fabricated is a way of drawing spatially and relationally allowing different layers of information to be read. The act of viewing becomes a simultaneous experience compressing process, form, and texture relationships as they shift in view. Ceramics glazes, wood grains, feathers and packing foam are some of the textures showcasing her touch and placement. These structures are both familiar and unknown in their scale implying bodily interaction, agronomical design, and kinetic potential.